It was only…


…a two year hiatus. That’s not bad, right? Okay, so it was really a touch over two years, but close enough! Sadly, I can’t honestly claim that much has happened in two years. In fact, every day is so much the same as the one before, and the one following, that they have all seemed to run together and become a muddy mess in my memory. Not that my memory was sparkling with clarity from the start. I’m also finding that as I write this, I have managed to forget everything about the basic format coding I had learned in the process of blogging. It’s a freakin… miracle that I even remember my login information. Because I pretty much stepped away and haven’t looked back for these past couple of years. Haha!

I’ve basically continued in a zombie-like stupor through life and work. There were even times when I was quite certain that I would be the source of the inevitable zombie apocalypse when work had us working 80+ hours in a week. Have I ever mentioned that the office I work in is only 200 square feet, and that my actual office space is only 50 square feet, which is shared with my co-worker and a ludicrous amount of computer equipment? Can you say cabin fever? If I was not a self-proclaimed-pro at zoning at, I would have gone off the deep end. Without a doubt.

In the last year or two I have been trying Read the rest of this entry »




I’ve probably talked about this in some manner or another, but I’m gonna have at it again. I’ve never been very good at making myself part of a community – I’m a loner by default. But after spending my year in London in a writing program that encouraged creating a community with your fellow writers, and fellow writers that actually followed through on this, I find myself feeling very cut off here in Northern Arizona. I don’t have friends here – aside from my co-worker. She’s an awesome friend and we get along great, but when it comes to me needing a poetry community, it’s not happening with her. Poetry just isn’t get thing – though she did read my poems that got published in Bedford Square 5, even if she didn’t try to discuss them. I appreciated even that much. Read the rest of this entry »



– I almost forgot to mention, Bedford Square 5 is now available to order! I should be getting my author’s copy in the mail sometime soon, plus I ordered a couple extra copies because I’m simply a g00b like that. Oh, and guess who’s the first author to start the book… THIS GAL!!!!!! (Well, at least I was when they sent us a copy that was on the way to the printers. I will be totally bummed if I have to take this statement back, lol!)



     My parents recently upgraded from good ol’ flip phones to lovely iPhone4’s. My dad is getting on well enough with his, but my mom is having a hard time adjusting – not only to the bill that comes along with smartphones, but also to the device itself. As a result of her adamant dislike of her new phone, we got into a discussion about difficult technology, learning, and intelligence.

     She insists that she is too stupid to learn this complicated technology. I argued against this. I was adamant that learning something like this phone was more a matter of want rather than mental capacity. She continues to insist she is too dumb. I stand by my theory, that learning is more a matter of opening your mind and having a desire to learn.

     I’m not saying it’s easy by any means, and that there are not different levels of ability, but I firmly believe that learning and intelligence comes down primarily to desire and effort. If you close off your mind, allow yourself to feel nothing but frustration and never push through that, then yes, you’ll be stuck at the beginning for a very long time. I tried to encourage my mom to let go of her frustration and open her mind to learning. We’ll see whether she sticks with this phone or re-activates her old flip phone.

Check me out!


     First off, check out my photo-post on PhotoBean: Shoot me, shoot you. I did my first semi-official photo-shoot yesterday. I’m happy with the results and how the job went in general. Secondly, I HAVE AN IPHONE 4s OMFG! Oh the drama that surrounded this. So, because I decided to family-plan-up with my parents, my phone had to be sent down to Phoenix, over 2 hrs from where I’m living now. But hey, to save monthly, no biggy! Of course I had work, so I wouldn’t get my phone until the day after release day. Slightly torturous, but doable. Again, I said no buggy. I’ve waited like, three years for a new phone, one more night wouldn’t kill me. Read the rest of this entry »

Oooo Oooo Oooo


     I have things I need to write about, but I’ve been making trips back and forth between Phoenix and Flag, and I simply haven’t had the chance to catch up on my blogging. But, let me just say HUZZAH! I finally got a new phone! I’m so excited! Though i have a frustrating tale to tell regarding my new iPhone 4s. So that will be my next post in a day or two. Gotta drive up the hill tomorrow morning and then go right to work. EW.

     I’m sitting here reading through my 2012 copy of The Poet’s Market, and I’m astonished by the excessive amount of typos. For a book that emphasizes the importance of proofreading one’s manuscripts, they are sorely lacking on the proofread front. Seriously, there are moments of words being dropped, formatting discrepancies (for example: I use “& # 160 ;” (minus spaces) in order to indent here; basically there is some of that formatting left in the text – either they fucked up the code or something was lost in translation). This is something that drives me totally nuts! Don’t expound the virtues of a proofread manuscript and then fail to follow your own advice. Come on, how many years have you been publishing this book? But aside from that, it’s pretty much the only tool that I’ve heard of that will help me focus in on the different magazines, journals, publishers, etc. that I can send my poetry to. I have problems with being easily overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities. Therefore I try for nothing. This is bad, especially since I am starting to seriously research Ph.D. programs. I need to get published. Speaking of published, some of my work will be published in the Bedford Square 5 Anthology in November. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten Days


     Has it really already been ten days since my last post? Time really has had a habit of slipping by, one day smoothly into the next. Somehow I’m not quite sure what I’ve done for those ten days. Work… oh yeah, played tons of Dead Island and Gears of War 3. 😀 What I’m really really waiting for though, is an iPhone5! I still have the first generation iPhone and I’ve been waiting it seems like forever for a new phone. (Of course my stint in the UK and following joblessness added a couple years to that waiting time). So I’m about ready to crap my pants for the new iPhone. And I’ve considered Android phones, but my experience with them has not been good. I’ll take the stability of iPhone over the customizability of Android. And I’m not even a phone person, yet here I am gadget gushing for phones! Read the rest of this entry »

     Ah yes, arithmetic. Yeah, I don’t do much of that these days except to subtract the cost of bills from my paycheck ;). And as I mentioned previously, I haven’t been doing much in the way of writing either (though I have some ideas brewing in my brain!). BUT I have been reading, quite obsessively lately. As in at least a few books a week… if not more. This week I’ve been doing a little less reading, because I have been helping a friend with a photo project (just photo editing and organizing), and, of course, because I have been consumed with Gears of War 3. Sounds completely reasonable to me. Read the rest of this entry »

     I can’t even remember the last time I posted… or attempted to write a post and then trashed it. I do recall doing a few of those. This past year has been a bit hazy – time has flown by and, quite frankly, I’m not sure what the fuck I’ve been doing for it all. But no worries. I’ve managed to move my ass back up to Flagstaff and out of the horrid heat of Phoenix. I’ve been horribly homesick for England, though I have enjoyed seeing family a bit here in the States. I’m working full time (and then some at times), but somehow I still seem to be barely making it with student loan payments hanging over my head in the next month or so. Ew.

     For the moment though I am enjoying a little extra income by buying Gears of War 3 and Scrivener for my MacBook, but my writing in general has been at an all time low of production. Luckily my old group of poets from my MA are starting workshops back up and I plan on participating via email. This is somewhat of a challenge for me. Not having people in person to hold me accountable for their feedback and turning in my own work means I am more likely to slack and balk. BUT I plan to try my utmost.

     On a different note, I love Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. His irreverence cracks me up, though I think honestly, he has a bit of a romantic streak in him – underneath it all. I’ve been watching from the start of the show’s seasons and enjoying the look at culture and food. Mmmm foooood! I’ve been trying to find some good food up here in Flag, and have managed with the help of my friends Skunkie and PolyVector when they visited for a week and a half. We found some good greek food, thai food, indian food, and some AWESOME neapolitan style pizza! Hoping to go back to all of these places again! I really really want to try some good sushi, but somehow i’m afraid to brave sushi this far from the coast. I think a trip to Japan is in order for good and proper sushi. 😉